Michael Kocikowski

Michael Kocikowski


Height: 1,87 m

Weight: offseason: 122 Kg contest: 105 - 110

Year of birth:1987

2012 Body Xtreme revolution 4th
2011 German newcomer championship 3rd

2014 Big Boys Battle 4th
2014 Berlin Championship 1st
2014 German national Championship 6th

2015 Wbff Danmark show 2 Place (Pro card)

Weekly training routine:
Monday chest, Shoulder
Tuesday: back
Thursday : hamstrings
Friday: quads
Saturday Arms

What type of cardio do you do:
Try to do cardio everyday, and train my calves and abs every second day.

General régime during dieting:
Low intensity, long duration but if I'm preparing for a show I do more and more H.I.I.T cardio.

Dietary supplements you use:
100% Bcaa's and 100% glutamine to protect the Muscles, Iso Whey Zero to have a fast and high quality protein source especially in the morning and post workout. In preparation for a show I love to use BioTechUSA Desert which helps me to keep my metabolism high and loose water.

Favourite workout method
I don't really have a favorite method I always try listen to my body I train by intuition.
Always change the exercises and volume. But one improtant thing for me is to stimulate the Muscle and to feel the exercises I do. So I don't use very heavy weights it's more important for me to feel each rep than throwing a lot of weight around me just to act I'm strong