Viktória Sima

Viktória Sima

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Year of birth: 1990


IFBB FitBalance Cup (Bikini Fitness up to 160cm) – 2nd place

IFBB Hungarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Cup (Bikini Fitness up to 163 cm) – 2nd place

Weekly training routine:

Monday: back; Tuesday: hamstrings; Wednesday: shoulders; Thursday: arms; Friday: legs; Saturday: cardio, abs, glutes

What type of cardio do you do:

Stair-climber on intense fatburner mode.

General régime during dieting:

First meal: Oatmeal and 1 scoop of Iso Whey ZERO

Second meal: Beef with rice and grill vegetables

Third meal: Chicken breast with couscous and fresh vegetables

Fourth meal: Beef with bulgur and stewed vegetables

Fifth meal: Fish with salad

Dietary supplements you use: BCAA Shot, Amino ST 5300 ,CLA 400,Omega 3,C 1000 Rose Hips, Vitamin D ,Calcium Zinc Magnesium, Iso Whey ZERO, Casein Fusion